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it's a beautiful world, everyone's insane

I spent the night at the house last night so I could babysit Jackson. He is super cute. Right now he's trying to do a science experiment -- it involves a balloon, a fork, and an empty Dr. Pepper bottle, but he won't tell me what it's supposed to be. I also put on the Tron: Legacy soundtrack and he did a crazy dance. He likes Daft Punk. When he was making his robot costume out of cardboard boxes, I told him that I listen to a band that's two robots called Daft Punk and maybe when his robot costume was done he could do something like Daft Punk. He liked the music but didn't want to, because in his words, "I don't want to be a punk." So cute.

I think the Bush binge has passed because they weren't in my top artists last week. I've mostly listened to my Zune on shuffle this week, partly because I have four rehearsals this week, which adds up to a lot of bus and walking time. I've been reading Infinite Jest during the days instead of watching shit endlessly, but right now I'm taking a wee break to let Paul catch up to me. Ha.

I'm back to having crazy vivid dreams every night. Nightly headaches too, at least they were only nightly for a few days and now I've got one in the middle of the day. It's making me a little nuts, but it's a good excuse to drink lots of strong coffee. Not that I really need an excuse. I'm currently drinking some kind of Starbucks African something or other and it's tasty, and also, more importantly, it's helping.

I'm worried about Chrissie. Her doctor has her on Xanax for panic attacks and Klonopin for her restless legs. I'm afraid she's going to end up addicted to benzos. I got pretty close with my anxiety and endless supply of Ativan, especially in December. I'm happy to say that I haven't touched my last two Ativan refills and am only taking it once or twice a week now. So hooray for that. I think being a part of this show has helped me more than I can express.

I'm planning to get Josh the DVD of The Secret To A Happy Ending for his birthday, now I just need to actually do it. His birthday's not until July, but maybe this year I won't put shit off until the very last minute.
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kimmeh. It's jen. :) I came here to see if you had any new entries but it doesn't look like it. Dang.
I just added you as a friend, I do have some (really silly) newer entries.
this is my top secret LJ that only internet & old-skool friends know about... TOPSECRETKIMMY.
Yeah nobody from my real life reads my livejournal either. Feel special. This is where I write all the juicy stuff.