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love me like a monster one last time

My musical opens in a week, holy eff. Last night I was the only one singing the housewife song correctly and I got shit on for it today, Cathy was like "Well SOMEONE was singing their lines a measure too early..." NO I WASN'T. I have practiced that song so many times, I put the soundtrack on my Zune and listen to it all the time, I know damn well when to come in and you don't. Brian and I were talking about being in shows last night and he mentioned that when you're in a musical you get to a point where someone's singing something wrong and you want to stab them in the throat and sing their part correctly while they bleed out. I am so there.

Tomorrow is going to be a baking day. I'm making white cake with vanilla frosting and chocolate therapy cheesecake (chocolate crust, milk chocolate cheesecake filled with white chocolate chips, dark chocolate ganache on top) and it's going to own. I'm bringing them in to the cast lunch on Saturday because I want people to like me, whine whine.

I feel like I have more to say but I can't think of anything I haven't already written.
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