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i have stared down the barrel of a gun

Tonight is the first rough run of Working and I feel like we're completely unprepared. The choreography is a mess, we haven't worked on entrances or exits at all, both of the scenes I have lines in haven't really been rehearsed because people haven't been there (and both of those people won't be there tonight because they have the flu, Cathy threw up at rehearsal last night) and there are certain songs I'm in that we haven't gone over the music for at all, gah, I'm so tired and want to go back to when we had rehearsal three nights a week instead of four because I'm having these awful crying jags all the time and I just feel worn down and emotionally exhausted.

Brian Molko is such a cutie. While I was looking for pictures of him online I found the worst possible fanfiction about him. Holy shit it was so bad. I gagged a little. I had a dream the other night that I was going to go to a Placebo show and it started with Brian Molko leading a yoga class on ustream, so I did long distance yoga with him and a bunch of other people, and at the end of the yoga class he said "Don't forget to dress up for the show tonight." So I got this sparkly heart confetti and glued it to every inch of exposed skin and went to the concert, where some truck-driver guy asked me if I was a transvestite. Then I remembered I had rehearsal so I went to that instead, but Placebo showed up to play a show just for the people in Working and somehow Brian Molko had turned into a fifty-year-old Mexican man and I leaned over to Sam and said "Gee, Brian Molko sure has aged," and he nodded.

I went to get slacks for one of my costumes today and frickin' Camden was at Paradise Bound. I didn't see him, but my mom did and she warned me to go hide behind a shelf. Thank God for mothers.

A mod gassed the mafia circlejerk today. I'm pretty pissed about that, but there's not a hell of a lot I can do about it. Just another thing, I guess.
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