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waiting and fading and floating away

I'm pretty sure I've got the most ridiculous crush on Josh Homme. Seriously, go watch this video ( and tell me you don't want to make it wit him. He is crazy hot and crazy talented and crazy hilarious in interviews. There's this one video, it's an acoustic version of I'm Designer where he just plays with the song and at the end he admits that he's drunk. For the past few weeks I've been listening to Queens of the Stone Age all the time and right now I'm listening to Them Crooked Vultures.

Today I went out for a smoke and found a package on my doorstep. I was all excited but in my haste to pick it up I slipped on some ice and fell and cracked my head on the concrete steps and also got snow down my pants and my slippers flew off my feet so I had to walk barefoot through the snow to retrieve them. But then I brought the box indoors and it was a book of poetry by Billy Corgan from Paul! So now I have poetry, which I haven't had in quite some time, and it's freakin' BILLY CORGAN, totally worth a huge bump on the head. And I don't have a concussion or anything (at least I don't think I do) so yay. Thanks, Paul! You are the best.

For some reason today I haven't felt like listening to my shuffle list like I normally do. I've been listening through full albums. It's weird to me.

I finally decided what I'm going to give my little cousin for Christmas. I'm going to knit him a snake. I have some novelty fun fur style yarn, I'm going to make it a fluffy snake (why not?)  and hopefully he'll like it, and even if he doesn't he'll be stuck with it because who throws away handknit gifts?

Kind of frustrated with Brian right now, he keeps doing this thing where he goes down for a nap and asks me to call him and wake him up in an hour or however long, and then when I call him to wake him up, he gets pissed off and snaps or yells at me. I'm fucking sick of it and I think I'm probably just going to tell him to start using an alarm clock because I'm so frustrated with trying to do something nice and getting slapped for it. The last time I called him was over an hour ago and he hasn't gotten online yet, so I'm guessing he went back to sleep. I don't know whether I should wake him or just let him sleep.
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