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It's Thanksgiving and Jesus, I'm thankful...

Things I am thankful for, in no particular order:

1. Drive-By Truckers posted a song from their next album called The Thanksgiving Filter. The situations in the song are different but holy hell does it ever sum up how I'm feeling today, and it is nothing like the shit off The Big To-Do, so that pretty much made my day.

2. Brian, who stays up late talking to me if I'm having a difficult night even when he has to be up early, who makes me smile and laugh, who supports me in pretty much everything I do. <3

3. Queens of the Stone Age. Josh Homme and his fuck-me eyes are getting me through the roughest Thanksgiving ever.

4. Josh has done a lot to keep me sane lately.

5. My family, as fucked up as it is. I love them to death.

6. Chocolate.

7. My Mafia buddies.
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